Concerning My Position

To Whom It May Concern, (that’s you Rog)    I’d like to take the time to say that working with you has been an utter hell hole. Sure, you gave me the freedom to use my skills for good, but what’s the good in good if I don’t feel good doing it? Are you following along?Continue reading “Concerning My Position”

The Art of Loathing.

“Something odd struck my mind as I applied my lip gloss the other day,” she confesses, “What if everything I believe is a lie? I encourage you to never go down a path that leads you to question your very existence. Unless, that is, you have an unquenchable need for self-loathing.” “I find myself doingContinue reading “The Art of Loathing.”

Layer, layer, layer…

My last post was about getting started on your book writing process. To summarize: simply start (or “Just Do It” depending on your motivation preference.) Writing a book is all about layering (Ogre’s have layers, onions have layers!) A good storyline is one that has depth, and depth is created in the layering process. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Layer, layer, layer…”

You want to write a book…

now what? I tried for about five years to get my book into being, and while it’s not yet published, it is going through the third editing stage. An unpublished book is still a book. The inside of your head probably looks a little something like this: character, storyline, thought provoking idea….how do I getContinue reading “You want to write a book…”