PSA: White Claw Fall

With trends rising and falling as they do, I find it important to keep up with them. So important in fact, I’ve turned on my Facebook alerts. My key source for completely true and always accurate news stories.  On my plate, or should I say, in my glass today: the announcement of Pumpkin Spice WhiteContinue reading “PSA: White Claw Fall”

Layer, layer, layer…

My last post was about getting started on your book writing process. To summarize: simply start (or “Just Do It” depending on your motivation preference.) Writing a book is all about layering (Ogre’s have layers, onions have layers!) A good storyline is one that has depth, and depth is created in the layering process. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Layer, layer, layer…”

You want to write a book…

now what? I tried for about five years to get my book into being, and while it’s not yet published, it is going through the third editing stage. An unpublished book is still a book. The inside of your head probably looks a little something like this: character, storyline, thought provoking idea….how do I getContinue reading “You want to write a book…”

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy- hold the lemon, insert the chili.

So tell me, you’ve got to make dinner and you’re under a time crunch. What do you make? Chili? Hell no! Well, you do now. I call this my Quick Chili. It comes together in thirty minutes tops. 1 Lbs. Ground Turkey (or beef) 1 can tomato paste 2 cans red kidney beans 3-4 Tbls.Continue reading “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy- hold the lemon, insert the chili.”

Change the Sightline

The key to happiness is not found with another, with a place or with an object. I’m not ignorant enough to claim that I have found the key to happiness, but I can talk about the times when I feel the happiest. I recently heard someone talking and they said, “Quit focusing on what youContinue reading “Change the Sightline”