PSA: White Claw Fall

With trends rising and falling as they do, I find it important to keep up with them. So important in fact, I’ve turned on my Facebook alerts. My key source for completely true and always accurate news stories. 

On my plate, or should I say, in my glass today: the announcement of Pumpkin Spice White Claw. 

I don’t know which trend to fear most. The return of Pumpkin Spice Saturation, or the ongoing White Claw Mayhem. I have to admit, I’ve sipped from the sweet nectar of each popular thirst quencher and found them to be pretty spectacular. Spectacular enough for the trending hashtags, slogans and surplus of supply?….I’m on the fence. 

While I would love to bash the companies quite literally jamming these delicacies down our throats, I have to think hard on why the push of spiked seltzer water and pumpkin spice flavors has taken over our society in the dominating way they have. Is it the need to connect with others? The drive to be constantly trending? The smell of spices filling our senses and reminding us of childhood trick-or-treating? Are they really that good and I’m just being pessimistic? I don’t think it’s the latter. 

I feel the buzz of the coming fall- oh wait no, that’s just the White Claw. Still, this season, for some reason, brings in a slew of new ways to gain weight. But wait (weight?), aren’t they just 100 calories a can? You are correct. But do you just drink one can? That’s what I thought, sit back down. 

Getting back on track. This pumpkin spiced can of booze is sure to take over the market making us all cringe with curiosity. All of us save for the ones who have been impatiently anticipating the taste of fall that is. 

Are you on the bandwagon? Are you not going to touch it with a ten-foot pole? Will you be deleting your facebook ahead of the incoming political stances this is bound to create? As for me. I’ll be sippin’ pretty. 

Until then,
A.F. Blom

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