Concerning My Position

To Whom It May Concern, (that’s you Rog)

   I’d like to take the time to say that working with you has been an utter hell hole. Sure, you gave me the freedom to use my skills for good, but what’s the good in good if I don’t feel good doing it? Are you following along? Good.

To think our fates attraction to each other, all started with a cat pendant, and some forged paintings is a modern day romance for the books. I know you hate it when I refer to our time together as a romance, since you and I are both straight men, but it’s the only way I can get through thinking about it without wanting to throw up in my own mouth. We did have some good times. Like the time I found out that Merik was really Fraise, and you and I ended up sharing a strong drink, and stronger words in your apartment. That was fun.

To cut to the chase, I’ve taken my talents elsewhere. I won’t tell you where, because quite frankly, I don’t care to be imprisoned by the Fine Arts Legal Society anymore.

I know what you’re thinking right now: “But Pierce, you’ve got a legal obligation with the government to be under our employ until your crimes against the art market are made right.”

To that I ask you, do I really have an obligation anymore? I feel like with the death of Henry Cloud, the capture of Alec Alden, and the untimely departure of our dear Merik (RIP. Or should I say, rest in pieces. Too soon?)- I digress. My “obligation” is now moot.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be forging any more paintings. Well, that is until after I’ve made the small fortune back that you all took from me when I was arrested.

I do have to say how disappointed I am in the fact that you didn’t clear my name with Harlow. If you ever get the heart to correct that wrong, I would urge you to leave it alone. Though I love her, I know that I need to let her live her life without the burden of a scam artist.

Onto the Avery debacle. This is an area I am extremely pleased with you on. I know that she has her messy background, but the fact that you cleared her record, and put her into the witness protection program is really a medal on that already decorated vest of yours. It is a vest, right? Did you get the one for selling the most cookies this year too? God, I hope so.

I’m getting off of topic. I did hear you’ve lost her. For that, I’m happy.

Oh, please tell Jeff that I am extremely glad we are not friends. He’ll know what I mean.

I bet you’re wondering if I learned anything from my time with the most boring people on earth. To that I say, yes.

I learned how to stay hidden from you all.

Probably not the lesson you wanted me to learn, but what else can I say? You know I’m an honest person, so to lie to you would be a breach in our friendship. If that’s what you want to call the curse word filled romance you, and I have shared over the past year.

Now don’t get too emotional, I am going to miss you as well. Maybe I’ll send you some paintings every now, and then. I know you loved my work.

In the words of our dearly departed Merik:

Until then,

Pierce Pont


Dear Narrator,

I hope we never speak again.

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