Thinking During the Gray

The day before yesterday I had a dream,

One that left me longing for an old stream.

On that longing I did there sit,

Just to relax, and somewhat have a fit.

You see, that was the day I had set aside,

To let my sailboat on the water, glide.

I was supposed to sail the ocean blue,

But for the weather, sailing I could not do.

I was down as down could be,

Coming to find that the weather hated me.

But then I had a funny thought,

About my sailboat, and my robot.

My sailboat needed a captain,

And it turned out all along I had him.

And maybe this wasn’t so bad.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so dramatic or sad.

So the day after yesterday, a captain I had found,

For my sailboat that was safe and sound,

And if it hadn’t been for the ugly weather,

I never would have put a robot and a sailboat together.

With this story, all I’m really trying to say,

Is that it’s funny what you think, when skies are gray.

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