Contradictions & Cat Pendants

“Life is a contradiction you know that?” Merik asks, staring into the void darkness.

Pierce waits for the answer silently.

“When you find the one you love, you end up losing yourself. And when you lose them, you find yourself again,” he leans forward on his knees, “The way to tell if the love was good is what state you find yourself in once their gone. And the way to tell what kind of person you are, is by looking at where you leave the ones you love.”

“Are we talking literally or figuratively?”

Merik chuckles out of his melancholy, “I guess that depends on the situation.”

“I got left in an ice cream shop before,” Pierce replies candidly, “She did leave me for my best friend though.”

“Third grade is hard.”

“So is your twenties.”

Merik grimaces, “I don’t remember my twenties all that well.”



“What does it say about someone if they ghost the ones they love?” Harlow cuts into the conversation as she walks into Merik’s office.

“Most awful a person, you should definitely hold that over their head for the rest of their

dimwitted life.”

“Does it count if that person was literally arrested, and had to disappear on orders of the government?”

Merik, and Harlow look at each other, and in unison state, “Not at all.”

Pierce pushes his lips into a thin line, “Seems unfair.”

“Fair is relative,” a familiar voice rounds the corner.

“Avery,” Merik gives her a curious look.

“Merik,” she greets knowingly.  

Harlow turns around, and holds out her hand, “I’m-”

“Harlow, yes I know,” Avery finishes, “If someone ghosted you, you should definitely hold that over their head. Merik can give some good advice every once in a while.”

“I knew we’d have a hard time being friends,” Pierce says to Avery.

Avery smiles, “You have to admit he’s right every once in a while, just to keep him strung along.”

“I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t work so well for me.”

“That’s just because you haven’t tried it yet.”

“For someone as artfully gifted as Pierce is, he isn’t so artistic in how he handles people,” Harlow explains to Avery.

“Ah,” Avery looks her way, “We all have our faults. We should grab a coffee sometime.”

“I’d love to-”

“That definitely will not be happening,” Merik cuts in.

“Her and I are our own persons, who can make our own decisions, but we appreciate your input Meri.”

Pierce flinches at the use of his nickname.

“I wont have you teaching Harlow your ways, she’s too good for that,” Merik stands from his seat.

“Meri?” Pierce says under his breath.

Harlow gives Pierce a questioning look, Avery smiles, and Merik ignores it.

“Can I help you Avery, love?” Merik asks her finally.

“Actually I’ve come to help you.

Merik pulls in a deep breath, and folds his arms across his chest, “Ah,” he pauses, “How?”

“Meri, really, I am insulted,” Avery removes her scarf, and takes the seat next to Pierce, “You do remember the nac I have for being a little bit into everything don’t you?”

“Hard to forget.”

Pierce comes back from his thoughts, and into the conversation, “You know who has the cat pendant don’t you?”

Avery pouts her lips into a smile, “Why else would I be here?”

Merik glares between the two, and takes his seat back at his desk. Harlow grabs an extra chair, and parks herself with the group.

Avery clicks open her purse, and applies her lipstick as the room fills with anticipation for her reveal. She clicks her purse closed again, and places her hands in her lap. “I do.”

Merik’s face goes grim, as Harlow and Pierce share a look of surprise.

“What do you want?” Merik asks, not skipping a beat.

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