Reading to Yourself

Cutting It Short: Read out loud. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

We all have an idea of how the story is flowing in our head. It’s seamless, and, if you’re anything like me, and write to music, you have background noise to help build up scenes.

When you’ve got a bulk of a storyline put together, print it out, and take some time to read out loud, to feel how it is sounding. Make sure you have a pen on hand to take notes, because trust me, you will be taking a lot of notes.

Added tip: This also helps when you’re trying to suss out an awkward or difficult scene that isn’t coming out the way you want it to. Read it out loud, and most times you’ll figure out how to write it down.

Wow, that was way shorter than I thought it would be, but I’d rather be simple in explanations than try to make things drawn out for the sake of a post.

As always, I’m open to banter on here, through email, or even catch me on IG. Links to all at the bottom of this page.

Until then.

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