Difference In Style

This post is about the different styles in writing, and where they belong. Mainly focused on adapting your writing techniques into storyline writing.

Coming from a poetry background, I found myself wanting to make every sentence I wrote in my book as eloquent, and beautiful as possible. While that works for poetry, it does not work for long storylines.

This isn’t to say there is no room for flowing sentences or thought provoking ideas. It’s only saying that it doesn’t have to be every word put down on the page.

Storyline is about creating, you guessed it, a storyline, and that doesn’t always come out in the most flowery way. Most of the time, it’s about the facts, about what’s going on in the scene. It’s dialogue between characters, and the thoughts those characters are having (this is where it’s easy to throw in those poet wanderings, thought it’s not necessarily where they should always be)

I try not to make these posts too long in an effort to get you the most information you need, while getting to the point, and not just liking the sound of clicking keys under my fingers (the bloggers equivalent of ‘liking the sound of your own voice’).

So, to put it simply: In storyline writing, keep the main bulk if it simple, don’t get caught up in the twirl of poetic thoughts. Keep those for times when a character is perusing an idea in their mind, or at the end of an argument between two people, or as cliche as it is, from the old wise guy that every person must have in their life.

As always, I’m open to banter on here, through email or even catch me on IG, links to all at the bottom of this page.

Until then.


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