Layer, layer, layer…

My last post was about getting started on your book writing process.
To summarize: simply start (or “Just Do It” depending on your motivation preference.)

Writing a book is all about layering (Ogre’s have layers, onions have layers!) A good storyline is one that has depth, and depth is created in the layering process. Unfortunately, this is also not something that happens on the first go round. This is a process of reading through your story numerous times. In total, I’ve probably read over my own book 100plus. Each time adding bit by bit, layer on layer, processing the story, characters, scenes, and conversations until there is a a hold for the reader to grasp.

I like to think of storylines as a mountain that a reader climbs. When a surface is smooth, there isn’t anything for a reader to hold onto, nothing for them to peruse. It’s basically a hill, and while that’s easier to trek, it’s also easier to be forgotten.
But when the surface has crevices and texture, they find themselves having to think about what they are reading, they connect with the story, attaching themselves to your characters, and getting invested in what is happening.

An added note to this: read your story out loud. It’s easy to hear a tone, and read it that way in your head. But when you read out loud, it slows down how fast you go, showing you the real tone of your book. 

If you have questions, or want to continue this conversation with me, feel free to comment or email me at

Until then.



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