You want to write a book…

now what? I tried for about five years to get my book into being, and while it’s not yet published, it is going through the third editing stage. An unpublished book is still a book.

The inside of your head probably looks a little something like this: character, storyline, thought provoking idea….how do I get all of that on paper in a way that flows into a complete book?

I had so many times when just the thought of sitting down, and putting everything into words from my brain was too overwhelming. So, I instead, would spend my time watching TV, or reading someone elses book.

Wanna know the secret? Just start. I know, I know, that sounds way too simple. But believe me when I tell you that that is the exact step you have to take if you ever want to be able and say the sentence: “I wrote a book.” Just start.

Now, this is why it’s that simple: because you’re the only one reading it right now.

Do you really think the very first time J.K. Rowling sat down to write Harry Potter, it was the novel in it’s perfect entirety? No, she (probably) wrote out character names, small phrases, and certain events she wanted her characters to go through. They don’t have to connect from the start, that will happen naturally as your story grows into a living imaginative reality.

Seriously, jot down the very first sentence that comes to your head, and then sit on that for a few days. It doesn’t have to be the most perfectly grammatical sentence you have ever put together. It can be as simple as “Holden saw himself in the pond and felt sick”, it’s not the prettiest sentence, and means absolutely nothing to anyone else at the moment, but whenever I read it, there are clear routes I want to wander down, and that will develop into the story I am trying to percolate.

My advise. Just start. One word at a time. One sentence at a time. Soon, you will be structuring chapters, and blending transitions together.

Until then,

Autumn McGuire

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