The Life for Food

Or food for life….

I think it’s about time we all realize the importance of cooking in our society. It’s a primal┬áneed that I feel we all must master, or at the least, learn the basics.

Where does this start? Well, if you’re already a teen/adult, there are always YouTube videos to help you learn the little things. Don’t worry it’s not too late.
Teaching our kids to get in the kitchen and learn something that they will use, literally, every single day of their lives. That’s a no brainer in my opinion. They don’t have to like it, heck they don’t even have to be that good at it, but teaching them the basics, at the least, will set them up for adulthood.

Most kids want so badly to be treated like an adult. So why not use that to your advantage and let me get involved. Allowing them the option to pick a meal a week and help you cook, will start expanding their taste palate and their knowledge.

Will they be eating on Ramen and Kraft Mac & Cheese when they leave the nest? Probably. It’s cheap. But they will have the knowledge to either put a different twist on those college staples, or the capacity to create something homemade. Either way is a win win.

Until then,

R.L. Reau

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