Thought Thursday…

Good morning hoodrats! It’s a beautiful morning and all is right with the world.

Have you ever noticed the excitement winter air holds in the mornings? There’s spark. Whether it’s the lack of humidity or an actual holiday buzz about town, I find it quite invigorating.

I’m currently sitting at the head of my dining room table, window to my left revealing the frost on the pane. Kitten below my feet. Music coming through my speakers, currently being interrupted from work texts. Though life has a way to interrupt us, I find myself quite happy where I’m literally sitting today. Why? Because I’ve been finding time lately to do things fulfilling. Things that don’t just make me monetarily happy on the outside, but things that have the affect of being able to sit back, audibly sigh with content and feel proud of the person I am.

Let’s have a discussion: What are you doing today to fulfill a need in yourself?

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