Change the Sightline

The key to happiness is not found with another, with a place or with an object.

I’m not ignorant enough to claim that I have found the key to happiness, but I can talk about the times when I feel the happiest.

I recently heard someone talking and they said, “Quit focusing on what you are bad at and trying to become good at it, instead focus on what you are good at and try to be the best.” That’s a simple thought, something I could have come up with myself, but the meaning behind it held a door open to me that I had not been seeing before.

That led me to ask myself so many questions about what I am good at, what makes me happy, when do I feel the most fulfilled, when do I not feel happy, why?

I realized that I had been cashing in my points to happiness in the wrong areas. I had been looking to my significant other, I had been looking to my job, I had been looking to me friends. I changed my sightline, and that changed my life. I gave into the things that make me happy. Solo piano music, writing, incorporating song lyrics or move quotes into everyday banter. I started researching topics that interested in me, I became good at knowing myself, and in that I have found freedom to be happy.

It’s easy to point the finger to a location or an object somewhere in the distance and say that as soon as I get that I will be happy, I will be set. The truth is, if you are not happy in yourself now, you will never find it anywhere else. Take time to get to know yourself. Let others influence you to be better. Let the world challenge you. But never lose who you are.

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